Ready-to-use Add-on for Invoice Processing

ABBYY FlexiCapture can be extended with a ready-to-use add-on to provide additional functionality for invoice processing – including pre-defined settings, validation rules, advanced database look-up and specific UI enhancements.

Updated UI for Verification Station

ABBYY FlexiCapture provides an updated user-friendly interface for Verification Station.

Other features: Cache-based suggestions and fields grouping, database look-up dialog box, field snapshots displayed on the data form

Customizable Scanning Station

FlexiCapture provides new tools for customization, including Net Scripting support for the standard Scanning Station. This feature is ideal for projects where additional tools are required. To make working with Scanning Station even more effective, all possible values of registration parameters now can be imported from a file or a database.

E-mail Data Capture

It is now possible to store original e-mails together with their extracted data. They can be exported along with the recognized data or used during image processing if necessary. Information about the e-mail sender, the recipient, date, time and the subject can be saved automatically. Import from POP3 e-mail server with SSL or TLS encryption is also supported.

Export on Condition

To make export more flexible and convenient, FlexiCapture now offers the option of setting up the export destination according to an error rule or the value of a particular field.

E-mail Based Notifications

Registered FlexiCapture users can now receive notifications at the e-mail address specified during registration. Notifications are sent in the following cases: successful registration, successful password change, password reset with temporary password specified, granting of access rights and denied access with commentary from the Administrator about the reason.
Those FlexiCapture users who are Administrators and Monitoring Operators can subscribe to e-mail alerts for events such as errors, license expiration, or the page count reaching the maximum limit. Administrators can also be notified about imminent database overflow, running out of disk space, requests for access rights, or failed attempts to log in.

Enhanced Rule Search and Setup

Several enhancements have been made to make the viewing and setting up of validation rules more convenient and user-friendly. Included are the options of applying rules depending on conditions, providing flexible rules search, filtering and grouping.

Date Normalization

With the help of date normalization settings, date can be exported in a standardized format – even if the date format has multiple variations in documents. The system also enables inclusion of time and weekday in the final date format.