State of the Art OCR Technology

Powered by ABBYY’s award-winning OCR technology, ABBYY Recognition Server delivers fast and highly accurate results in 199 languages – more languages than any other OCR software. It ensures that text content is extracted precisely, even from low-quality faxes and scans, and converts it into a variety of output formats suitable for archiving, sharing and editing.

Unmatched Volume Scalability

ABBYY Recognition Server is a highly scalable solution that can successfully complete projects where millions of documents need to be converted in a short timeframe. Processing power can be easily expanded by using multiple servers and CPUs. Even common office workstations can turn into processing units during non-business hours, allowing organizations to save on hardware and leverage existing resources in the most efficient way.

Cost-saving Simplicity

Designed for intensive document processing, ABBYY Recognition Server remains easy to deploy and administer, allowing organizations to minimize operational costs. Software configuration does not require training and can be quickly done by a system administrator. The administrator interface is simple and intuitive. OCR and document conversion processes run automatically on the server and require no end-user involvement at all.

Unlimited Client Access

ABBYY Recognition Server does not limit the number of users or client applications that can access the system. The OCR and document conversion service runs on a Windows server or a web server and can be used by multiple clients from within or outside your organization. Unattended document processing allows you to use ABBYY Recognition Server as a centralized system that serves various business processes and groups of users with different conversion needs.